Working Toward The Fair Compensation You Deserve

Overcome Obstacles To Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

Injured bikers often find it difficult to get the compensation they need after a crash. Were you or was a loved one hurt because of the negligence of another motorist? Are you frightened by the possibility of a long hospitalization and lost income? If your injuries were severe or catastrophic, you may need personal care at home long after the accident. You need the best medical care, physical therapy and legal counsel that you can find.

The good news about getting legal advice after a motorcycle wreck in Illinois or Louisiana is that initial consultations are free at Gordon Injury Lawyers. You will not owe attorney fees until I get compensation for you. I am ready to fight the negligent party and their insurer on your behalf. Are you ready to receive my help?

With Or Without A Helmet, You Deserve Compensation After A Motorcycle Crash Caused By Another Motorist

Your legal opponent may rush to argue that you were somehow at fault after you were injured while riding your motorcycle. “You weren’t wearing a helmet!” or “You were weaving in and out of traffic.” These are common blame-the-victim statements that I hear from biased claims adjusters when I represent injured motorcyclists in negotiations, in mediation or at trial. In fact, however, most motorcycle accidents occur because drivers of cars, trucks and buses fail to watch out and give bikers their fair share of the road.

I am an experienced, dedicated personal injury attorney zealously representing injured people, including motorcycle riders. If I take your case, it will mean I believe in your right to compensation for your:

  • Road rash injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury.

I am ready to fight for your rights and future. I can conduct a thorough investigation after someone driving another vehicle struck your motorcycle or forced you off the road.

I Welcome All Potential Clients

Request a free consultation if you were hurt or your loved one lost their life in a motorcycle crash. I am a compassionate, skilled personal injury attorney full of determination. Don’t worry about your limited insurance policy or questions about liability. I have helped many people overcome obstacles while also helping them recover maximum compensation.

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