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Get Serious Legal Advice When A Truck Accident Causes Serious Injuries

Accidents involving 18-wheelers or big rigs are often among the most serious accidents that first responders and emergency room teams face. Consider the weight, size and momentum of a semi truck compared to the typical car or motorcycle. No wonder truck wrecks often result in catastrophic and fatal injuries.

It is perhaps not surprising that trucking companies often send lawyers to the scene of a crash right away. If you have been injured or your loved one was killed in a truck accident in Illinois or Louisiana, Gordon Injury Lawyers can provide a quick response for you, too.

The outcome of an injury or wrongful death claim can make a lasting difference for an entire family. I am personal injury lawyer Dedrick L. Gordon. I extend a lifeline to people who have been hurt in car and truck accidents.

A Few Things To Look Into After A Truck Accident

Your injury or wrongful death claim will require detailed information. An investigation is the first step. I will look into facts such as the following:

The cause of the accident: At Gordon Injury Lawyers, we work hard to find out what happened. As I investigate your case, I will look for answers to these questions:

  • Did the truck driver fail to inspect the truck properly before operating it on a highway or city street?
  • Was the trucker fatigued, distracted or impaired?
  • Did a loading dock company leave the cargo imbalanced or unsecured?

Your medical condition or that of your loved one: I will review medical records and communicate with your doctors. I will work to understand your current and future needs. For example:

  • Will you need major surgery and/or long-term hospitalization?
  • Did your deceased loved one suffer while still living after a truck accident?

Legal considerations: As an experienced attorney, I will examine issues such as the following:

  • How easy will it be to prove who was to blame?
  • Will insurance companies try to point fingers at each other and delay the process of compensating you?
  • What have other courts decided in similar cases?

With insight, I can help you and your loved ones pick up the pieces after a serious wreck.

Get Your Case In High Gear ASAP

It is important to get a lawyer on your side.

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