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What should motorists know about traumatic brain injuries?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Many injuries can occur as a result of a motor vehicle crash. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), for example, can be catastrophic because they can impact every aspect of the victim’s life.

There are several things that people should know if they’re involved in a wreck. Understanding basic information about TBIs can be beneficial for motorists, as it may allow them to better understand what to look for in the wake of a wreck.

A direct hit to the head isn’t necessary

A direct hit to the head is sometimes the cause of a TBI, but this isn’t always necessary. When the head is flung around, the brain can slam around and hit the interior of the skull. This can cause injuries on opposite sides of the brain. This means everyone who’s involved in a crash should pay close attention for signs of a TBI.

Symptoms might not occur right away

TBIs can cause a host of symptoms. Many people will suffer from headaches that don’t go away with conventional treatments. Changes in moods and sleep habits are also possible. Difficulty with concentration or communication may occur. It’s possible that these symptoms may occur right after the injury, but they can be delayed for days or weeks, depending on the severity and type of TBI the person suffers in the crash.

Swift treatment is critical

People who have a TBI need swift treatment. In some cases, they need to have brain rest to give the brain a chance to heal. This means avoiding stimuli, such as electronics and constant noise. Other people may need to have more intensive treatments, including surgery. Prompt treatment may prevent the injury from worsening, so getting treatment quickly is important.

Some individuals who have a TBI are unable to work as they did before the injury. Managing this loss of income and medical bills can be challenging. Seeking compensation for the damages related to a crash injury caused by another’s negligence is possible, but this may require legal assistance because of the complexities of the case and the strict time limit to get it filed.